This Morning : Pathetic, One-Sided Islam "Debate" today

Pathetic, One-Sided Islam "Debate" today

What a disgusting waste of time, but fully expected from Mumsnet.TV *beep* gossip drivel. Not only was it pro-Islamic, it was anti-Everyone-Not-Islamic.
The 2 guests were the typical Muslims that are always representing Islam on TV and in the papers. Very biased, defensive, blaming, accusations of ignorance towards non-Muslims...Why don't these TV show get important, understanding and thoughtful Muslims to talk on behalf of their religion and fellow Muslims?
The woman on the show said the same old IGNORANT accusations towards the non-Muslims that do not trust Muslims. Ignorant because she said that terrorism isn't as big a threat to American's as their guns are, and bleated the numbers killed and injured by guns compared to terrorism. A person with a brain would realise that the police and authorities are the ONLY reason that thousands, if not millions have not been slaughtered by Islamic extremists. The police are at breaking point all the time just preventing attacks. Their hands are tied by the law and humanity, which the terrorist do not have to abide by.

The guy talked about hate crimes and threats towards Muslims as a result of the Paris atrocities carried out by Extremist Muslims. Ignorantly he doesn't get that such crimes are also revenge attacks, not race attacks. Extremists blow up buildings and always Muslims say such atrocities are in retaliation for Islam being attacked or Muslims being killed or offended..Yet when non-Muslims deface Mosques or hurt or kill innocent Muslims in retaliation for things like Paris happening, those crimes are wrongly put down to racism or hatred of Islam. No, they are retaliation attacks as a result of actions carried out by Muslims or ex-Muslims, if Muslims are to be believed. Some attacks are carried out by racists but they are all retaliation attacks.
He also claimed that ISIS members are not Muslims but have hijacked the religion, as usual....Everything we have heard before. If they are not Muslims when they join ISIS they certainly were before joining, and after when they return home to never integrate with society or even want to integrate. They'd rather plot ways to kill the easiest of victims in ways that sicken everyone. ISIS represent extreme Sharia Law and oppression. It is as much a part of Islam as anything else and to try and lie that it doesn't exist is retarded and offensive. These people cannot be reasoned with, you cannot take their word on anything. Never be able to trust them or live in peace when they exist.