The Accidental Tourist : Absolutely NOT 'irresistibly funny'

Absolutely NOT 'irresistibly funny'

I picked up this movie to rent because the box said it is "irresistibly funny", plus it won an Oscar, so it should be really good.

As it turns out, there's nothing funny in this film. Not one scene. It's a divorce caused by a tragedy, then a misanthropic middle-aged man living with his spinster sister and another pathetic brother, then a weird needy lady with her fatherless son, then... well, you got the point.

I mean, the film is likable though a bit on the slow side, the actors are great on their roles, the characters have great depth. But it was disappointing because I was expecting a comedy -- not a laugh-till-your-belly-aches comedy of course, but an "irresistibly funny" film.

Shouldn't the box say something more like "deeply emotional" or "heartbreakingly dramatic" or "painstakingly tragical"??

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I love this movie, but I agree with what you're saying. The cover drawing makes it look like some sort of crazy comedy. I didn't even realize it said, 'irresistibly funny', which makes it even more wrong. This is one of the most serious movies ever. Whoever designed the cover was way off.

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I agree, there is nothing funny about the movie. When I saw it, I got the impression it was trying to be funny, which made it even worse.

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Amen. The only funny thing about the movie was the dog.

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That's just marketing. Do you think there's truth in advertising?

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Well if its advertising, why not market it as a drama? Dramas do well too.

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It says "Astonishing. Irresistibly funny." It is quoting a Los Angeles Times review, but the specific reviewer's name is too small for me to read, and unlike on CSI, making it larger makes it too blurry to read. And I agree with everyone here who is saying it is not all that humorous, though there were a few chuckles here and there.

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To each their own. I won't justify my tastes in art to anyone on this earth....

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The dog made me smile but thats about it.

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Even though this is one of my favorite movies of all time, I completely agree with the original poster. On the back of my dvd, they describe the movie that way, and it is NOT a comedy. It is, at best, a dramady, or more realistically, a hopeful tragedy with a few smile scenes tossed in so that you don't want to kill yourself from sadness half way through the movie. It was totally misrepresented in the marketing.

It was probably done on purpose, as most people HATE drama movies (that have no action sequences or nudity), but they DO like to go see comedies. I've seen it before on HBO a long time ago, so I already knew what the movie was like, so the dvd description on the back of the case didn't fool me. Confused me, but didn't fool me.

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I thought the exact same thing when I rented it years ago between the quote and Geena Davis eccentrically dressed and carrying the dog etc on the front cover, I was expecting a comedy. Instead it was a bleak, depressing and slow film.

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Good God!

I had just browsed the photos here on IMDb and noticed the "irresistibly funny" blurb that made me say, WHAT?

Here it is March of 2016, nearly thirty years after this film was released and the first I've seen it. Life's like that for me. I've never seen Dances With Wolves either, but you won't see me going out of my way for it.

So to it was with ACCIDENTAL TOURIST: just another of those productions that I put off seeing, even though I am a huge fan of Kathleen Turner, a big fan of Geena Davis and as for William Hurt, yeah, I like his stuff, ever since he blew my mind when he went into the sensory deprivation tank. So I never saw it till a half hour ago.

It's not a comedy. There are some scenes that make you smile, some very tender moments but mostly it's a cringing study of a guy whose siblings are obsessive-compulsive who has come to a turning point in his life. There is tragedy in his life that no couple should ever experience and it has nibbled away at their relationship to the point where she walks out on him.

The stellar cast is just amazing. Bill Pullman as his equally neurotic publisher, David Ogden Stiers and Ed Begley Jr as his two borderline "normal" brothers, his part-time plumber sister played by Amy Wright who has a need to be in control.

And then there's Geena. We see her as an obvious love interest, but Macon won't take the bait. She pushes the issue, using the excuse of dog-training to hang out with mopey Macon. He attempts to wriggle out of having supper with her, but she threatens to blow his head off with a double barrelled shotgun. She silently brings him to her bed, we fade to black and in the light of day, we have a mighty Macon enjoying life again. Now, that moment when he tries to slip his excuse not under the door looks like a real knee slapper on paper, but on film, it's just a tender moment when Macon is caught in his lie.

So, there's nothing funny about a child dying. Nothing funny about neurotic people. Nothing funny about decaying relationships. Nothing funny about trying to get on in life. Nothing funny about tragedy at all.

Basically, ignore what they print on DVD covers. Go with your gut.

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I feel that way about many "comedies" that come out. This is not the only movie to fall under that category and not actually be a comedy.

Some off the top of my head include many Judd Apatow movies. Most of his movies are bleak and depressing with some comic relief thrown in to balance the story out. Not saying he makes bad of my favorites is "Funny People." But that movie was anything but funny.

The Good Girl, with Jennifer Aniston, was marketed as a comedy, and even referred to as such on the cover. Truly one of the most depressing movies of the early 2000's.

I watched The Savages with Phillip Seymore Hoffman hoping for a good comedy about him and his sister dealing with their ailing father for some kind of therapeutic help in facing coming years of my mother's ailing health...only found the movie to be far more dark and depressing than it led on, and it was certainly not a comedy.

And the TV series Girls is one of the most droll dramas around, but year after year people talk about what a great comedy it is.

I could likely go on and on.

I never understood why serious dramas cannot just be marketed as dramas when that's what they are.

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Yes and no. I disagree that there's nothing funny. I thought the eccentricities of Macon's siblings were actually quite funny. In the early part when Macon and Muriel are just getting acquainted, his deadpan responses to her quirkiness were funny. It's a gentle, dry humor sort of funny. One of my favorite kinds of funny.

But ... I borrowed the DVD from my local public library recently and they had it with the "comedy" section. Not the library's fault. It's probably sold that way. I agree that this movie should not be classified as a comedy at all. It's a drama that contains some humor.

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The film was about boring people. The film was slow! If people like this then fine but most people won't!