Goodfellas : The Left Hand of God

The Left Hand of God

This stern and heart-shocking mafia film is nothing like the Coppola Godfather films and explores the very basic human face of mafia 'subculture' and reminds me of the atmospheric approach to storytelling seen in various darkness-themed Fellini films.

That's why I like comparing this Scorsese film to William Lustig's atmospherics-obsessed (but engaging) civics-sweat themed film Maniac Cop.

{paraphrased dialogue}


MOBSTER 1: This city needs a 'Kingpin.'
MOBSTER 2: This city needs a 'baroness.'
MOBSTER 1: Maybe, but all we got are 'goodfellas.'
MOBSTER 2: Hey, there's nothing 'good' about machine-guns.
MOBSTER 1: No one said 'goodfellas' are armed.
MOBSTER 2: Nah, we just carry small knives!
MOBSTER 1: Funny, but true.
MOBSTER 2: That waiter better bring my spaghetti.
MOBSTER 1: Don't you supply him with cocaine?
MOBSTER 2: That's between me and God.



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