Goodfellas : WTF, I just noticed…

WTF, I just noticed…

Okay, I've seen this movie at least a hundred times, but I was half drunk and just noticed something very odd. It is so obvious that Scorsese had to have intended it. Did any one else notice that the two guys (the fat guy and the old man with the cane) who wack Tommy--I think the Jimmy Conway character calls one of them "Vinny"--are the two same guys in Paulie's restaurant when Henry comes begging for money? Is Paulie the guy who ordered or okayed Tommy's death? That seems to be the question.

Later on I even think the "Vinny" character makes a crack about the FBI guys's suits when Jimmy is arrested. Maybe that was just a random dude with the same voice, but if that same guy who killed Tommy is hanging out with Jimmy, that is just weird.

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It's been discussed before.

The old guy Vinnie was played by Charles Scorsese - Martin's dad.

He was one of the cellmates when they were in that fancy communal room in prison, so he had a long association with Paulie.

I forget if he was along with when Tommy got whacked, but it would make sense if his character was a Gambino associate/capo... they supposedly were the family who whacked Tommy as revenge for killing Billy Batts (and Foxy Gerothe), although rumor has it that John Gotti himself may have whacked Tommy, as he was good friends with both Billy and Foxy.

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Thanks. I only seem to catch this on TV during the last hour, so I guessed I missed the prison scenes this time. That makes more sense. But it still implies Paulie clearly knew about and looked the other way on the Tommy hit.

I never read the Pileggi book, so maybe I am getting this wrong, but doesn't this change the tone of the film? If Henry knows or suspects that both Jimmy and Paulie are willing to whack him then isn't he totally correct to rat on them before they can kill him? Regardless if the film leaves that an open question, Henry certainly seems like less of a scumbag.

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I've seen this movie at least a hundred times, but I was half drunk
You were half drunk all 100 times? We gotta hang out dude!

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