Goodfellas : What I learned from "Goodfellas"

What I learned from "Goodfellas"

1. Always wear bullet-proof sneakers when serving the fellas during their poker game.

2. Always wait before you buy your mother a car with money from a heist.

3. Make sure you use extra-strength dishwashing liquid on the razor before you use it to slice garlic.

4. Mobsters convicts eat better in prison than most people who are not in prison.

5. Never say to a mobster "go shine your shoes."

6. Jewish woman are the most loyal but most unstable mobster-wives.

7. Never allow a mob-Boss to be your marriage counselor.

8. Pack along a few cases of Ragu tomato sauce before you enter the witness-protection program.

9. Think twice before delivering a letter sent by a public school.

11. Make your mistress use a pseudonym when she visits you in prison.

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13. Find out if a piece of land is for sale before burying a guy you murdered in it.
14. Getting out of the mob is hard. You'll order Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce from a restaurant and get egg noddles and ketchup.
15. In addition to the above you'll have to wait in line at places like most people.
16. Don't ever tell Tommy he hasn't paid his debts.
17. The best first date is going to eat Dinner at a fancy restaurant and be seated right away and get your drinks right away cause a mafia guy always gets what he wants. At least when it comes to going out to eat dinner somewhere and entertainment.

Green Goblin is great!

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Don't mix business w pleasure n never let the women know where the drugs are stashed..they panic fir no reason