George Harrison : Most underrated guitarist

Most underrated guitarist

He is in my opinion the most underrated guitarist of all time.

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No, I myself am the most underrated guitarist of all time. But George is one of them.

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We know McCartney was hardly ever, if ever, satisified with George's efforts. Or Ringo's. lol

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I never heard that but I do know that if even if Paul was not pleased with George being in the group that he, having recommended his friend George as guitarist, was the one responsible for it.

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Hi gpicto

gpicto: "We know McCartney was hardly ever, if ever, satisified with George's efforts. Or Ringo's. lol"

Sorry, I can't agree with that. As another poster pointed out, Paul was responsible for bringing George into the band based on George's ability to play guitar. During the "Get Back" sessions, when George quit the band and walked out, John suggested that they bring in Clapton to replace George and Paul immediately vetoed that idea.

Paul was and is a perfectionist. He often knew and today usually knows exactly what he wanted and wants on his songs. That is something I am grateful for even if George was not.

I recall an interview with Paul (I think it might have been in the Martin Scorsese documentary about George) where Paul lavishes serious praise on George's guitar playing. He pointed out that The Beatles would go in the studio for a recording session, John or Paul would play a song they had written for the other three, and it was often the first time that the others would have ever heard the song. George would come up with a guitar part, which would become the signature phrase in the song, and they would record the song just a few hours later. He pointed out how talented George had to be to do that. He gave a specific example (but I can't remember off the top of my head which song he gave as the example). Paul definitely appreciated George's guitar playing.

As for Ringo, he and Paul had a special relationship musically as Ringo was the drummer and Paul was the bass player. There is always a very close relationship in any band between the bass player and the drummer. The bass player and the drummer normally work together as a single unit to provide the rhythmic basis for almost any song.

So Paul would write the song, he knew in advance how he wanted the rhythm section to sound and so he would instruct Ringo to play the song the way he wanted it. It would have been pretty crazy just to let Ringo play whatever he wanted.

Ringo, by the way, was normally quite happy to cooperate with Paul and often seeked out Paul's advice on what to or how to play.

So, gpicto, I'm afraid I have to disagree with your statement.


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I like George's playing. He was a humble player. He played what fit the song. He didn't wank.

I think George may have gotten a little bored with six string guitar. At times he seemed more interested in sitar, twelve string guitar, etc..

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If you listen to "Sour Milk Sea" by Jackie Lomax, you will hear both George and Eric Clapton playing lead guitar on it. George was just about as good as Eric but never got the same amount of acclaim as a guitarist as Eric did.