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George and the Ronnette

I am really curious about George's previous girlfriend prior to meeeting Pattie.
According to many sources after her sad death from cancer in February 2009, beautiful singer Estelle Bennent dated George in the early 60's and was often touring with the Fab Four. I was wondering how serious their relationship was. I've seen pictures of them and they appear to have a deep bond. In her bio, Ronnie stated she came into a dark room at a party the Ronnettes were attending in London in '63 and heard them kissing. Since the Ronnettes mom toured with them, I'm sure things stayed chaste. The only links I found only stated she was an ex girlfriend without going into detail. They both married in 1966. Sadly after the Ronnettes disbanded, Estelle developed mental issues. Spector was a cruel jackass. Wow I did not even know any of the Beatles dated African-American women. I knew the Stones did. Obviously due to the racial attitudes back then, they had to keep it low-key. If any fan has more info on the couple please inform me. I read on another board that in a vintage issue of Ebony Magazine, their relationship is mentioned. But finding a link to the story is very difficult.

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I heard John Lennon dated Ronnie Spector.

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April 23, 2013
Hidden Girl Friends
I have another article from Movieland and TV Times magazine to share. This one is the story of three girls who had sex with one of the Beatles....oh 1964 they would never have been so blunt to come out and say it that way. These are three girls who 2000 "dated" the three non-married Beatles. All of these stories take place during the time when the Beatles came to American for the first time in February 1964. I am actually surprised that stories of the guys one-night stands haven't surfaced over the years. It seems like the ladies who participated in such behaviors have decided to keep their stories to themselves out of respect for the Beatles.

One of the girls, Jill Haworth, we have read about before. I find this sort of thing very interesting because it really gives a little more insight on the guys.

The Girl Friends the Beatles Keep Hidden!
By Steve Brandt

With all the sensational publicity the Beatles received during their visit to our shores, it seems impossible to imagine one of the three (John’s married) most eligible bachelors in the world, could have romance and keep it hidden from the press. But romances, dates – what have you- they did have, and many of them, Ringo flipped for a Peppermint Lounge twister named Geri Miller, Paul lost his heart to filmdom’s Jill Haworth, and George resumed a longtime relationship with Estelle Bennett, one of the sensational singer, The Ronettes.

Astute press agents working for the Beatles were aware the boys would remain popular as long as they were not linked romantically with anyone. In fact, the press agents worked hard keeping romantic items about them out of the papers than they did getting them mentioned in various publications. Movieland is not only giving you the scoop on these hushed-up dates, we’ve gotten the Beatles’ girl friends to tell you in their own words, just what the Beatles are really like!

Estelle Bennett: I met the Beatles when I was in England on tour. I’m a member of the Ronettes, a singing group. I hit it off with George Harrison as soon as we met. We kept running into each other at parties and gatherings and always found our eyes meeting no matter how many other people were in the room. George and I talked whenever we’d see each other. We found we liked the same things, long walks while wearing comfortable clothes and being with sincere people who liked us for ourselves and not because we were in show business.
I think I was the happiest when I was talking with George. There was something about him that made me open up and spill out anything that was on my mind. I think he felt the same way, for he’d often call late in the evening and talk on the phone for hours. We started seeing each other in England, but then had to say goodbye when he and the other Beatles left for Paris and an engagement. He called me every day. He even flew into London so he could see me on the one day he was off. I liked George. He wasn’t my boyfriend, but someone special, someone who meant an awful lot to me. When our tour of England was finished, I was truly sorry to say goodbye to him. I knew he’d be visiting the U.S. in a few months and we made plans to see each other.

Finally the day came when the Beatles arrived here. And what an arrival! Thousands of fans at the airport. Thousands of fans surrounding their hotel. Along with my sister Ronnie and cousin Nedra (who make up the rest of the Ronettes) we went to greet them. The boys seemed so happy to see us, amongst the dozens of people milling about their suite; we were the only visitors who really knew them. George took me aside and asked me to please come back and see him the next evening when he’d be free to talk with me. We then said goodbye.
The next night I met George at the hotel. Along with the other Beatles, and Cynthia, John’s wife, we sat down to dinner. What a good feeling it was to be with all of them again, just like old time in England. After dinner, George and I went into an adjoining study and brought each other up to date on the various happenings since our last meeting. George looked tired and told me he never gets a chance to relax. I got the impression he didn’t enjoy traveling as much as the other boys did. He picked dup his guitar and played. This is his favorite form of enjoyment. He played for hours and I was enchanted listening to him. It was comfortable and nice. That’s the best way I can describe my feelings about being with him. Neither of us felt any obligations, we just enjoyed being there together. George playing and I, listening.
We saw each other many times. I was with him at the party after their concert and on other evenings when we just sat around the hotel with the rest of the group. But somehow things weren’t the same. We couldn’t recreate the same relationship we had when I was in London.
Instinct told me this wasn’t the right time to be with him. I didn’t want to be around when he wasn’t happy. Since I’d be returning to England soon, I decided it would be better to see each other on his home ground. Over there he’s at his best, he’s relaxed, he’s George Harrison, Englishman and not George Harrison, Beatle.