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Please Help

First of all I would like to say that I'm a huge fan of the first Highlander movie and I haven't seen any of it's sequels. I really want to see Highlander 2 but I've read so many bad reviews about it that I just haven't bothered. I don't understand how Highlander 2 could be so bad, I mean the first movie was cheesy and had plot-holes but it was still fun and entertaining. Could someone please tell me what's so bad about Highlander 2 and maybe explain the story, like why is Ramirez in it after he was killed by The Kurgan in the first one. Is this movie even worth seeing? Help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance.

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People mainly dislike, downright hate Highlander II because, for good reason, in almost every way it contradicts Highlander I. I personally enjoy the movie because it's just a crazy sequel all together that doesn't take itself too seriously...most of the performances are fun, even the bad ones. Michael Ironside could have easily been as good a villian as Clancy Brown was if he would have played the character like he played Ricter in Total Recall, instead he seemed to be trying to go for a cross between Jack Nicholson's performances in The Shining and Batman not the best choice but kinda fun anyways. Plus the whole movie seems to have been thrown together over a weekend, plot wise, with no rewrites at all. I just bought the new 2 disc special edition and the documentary on the making says with how part I ended the writers had written themselves into a corner when it came to continuing the story...thats true in many ways...but still what they came up with makes no sense at all. Now the immortals are from another planet, Zeist, and the whole imortality angle is really sketchy all together this time. Ramirez coming back makes no sense at all, at the beginning he tells Connor they have a bond that will never be broken so when Connor needs him all he has to do is call for him. Which Connor does and poof Ramirez is back...it makes less sense when u see that in the scheme of things his character has no meaning to the plot or anything...basically Ramirez is back because the film makers knew with Connery they'd have a bigger draw audience wise.

The new dvd and the other "renegade version" omits the planet Zeist from the movie and just says it's all in the past which makes even less sense because at least by saying Connor and Ramirez were from a different planet the technology there is possible (in both versions: being banished from Zeist or sent into an exile in the future it's never mentioned why the 2 characters don't know or remember each other when they meet in Highlander I). But here in the versions now somehow in the past there are guns and time travel and flying machines....sorry but they should have just kept it as Zeist, at least that made more sense and if written much better I'm sure the fans (which I am one of) wouldn't complain as much about the immortal's being from Zeist.

Technically though it's well made. The sets are pretty good even though there's more than a hint of ripping on Blade Runner in it. The effects were pretty bad in the original version and the "renegade version" but in the new dvd with the newly created effects they work fine and aren't so high tech as to pull attention to themselves like the Star Wars revamps were. And even though he was pointless it is nice to see Ramirez again, right before he and Connor break into the prison Max they have to stop at a kinda toll and a guard is watching them on a monitor and askes who they are to which Ramirez looks straight into the camera and states exactly who he is...it's a funny scene (as is the in flight emergency video...u'll know what I'm talking about if u decide to watch it) it's obvious Connery loved playing the character. The action scenes are pretty cool with a nice fight with Connor on a kinda hoverboard thing and another immortal with a jetpack on going at it, all though the fight with the main bad guy is really weak and lasts maybe a minute and a half, 2 minutes maximum...thats a letdown.

So with all this why do I own it? Because it's a fun movie. Strange, goofy, cheesy...all apply to Highlander II and thats ok with me. It's not a boring movie at all and like I said well shot and all that jazz.....just has a weak script, strange how it's so weak yet so out there at the same time...the same can be said about the movie itself. To me mostly the reason Highlander II is in the bottom movies is because a lot of fans, rightfully so, are pissed at how it was written and couldn't get passed that...I, and other's too, can get around that and enjoy it still. But if u watch it at least watch the new version with the newly created effects...granted it isn't gonna help the plot, but it's 100 times better effects wise and should help enjoy it a little more. I hope this has helped ya some :)

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Yeah thanks a lot, that really helped me. I will definately be seeing this movie now, it sounds really fun and I was already aware of the problems with the script so that's not really a big deal to me. The only reason I didn't want to watch it before was because I thought it might change my opinion of the first Highlander movie because of how it contradicts it, but I'll just try not to take Highlander II too seriously and I'll probably enjoy it more that way. Once again, thanks for your help.

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I agree with the other guy's views on this movie. If you want to see it, go with the new Special Edition DVD and you're seeing a sequel which makes more sense when compared to the first movie and also has the new visual effects - which are certainly an improvement.

This movie is not as bad as people say! I think its just been beaten down by die-hard Highlander fans over the years, who rightly disowned "The Quickening" version of this movie as it made no sense next to the original. But what with the Renegade re-cut and now the new special edition, the movie has more merit. Sure, the story is somewhat hokey, but in terms of production design, action and laughs you could do a lot worse for a sequel.

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i liked it it is good a little fake at times but still good and rameriz plays a great character

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