Kurt Fuller : One of 'Those guys'

One of 'Those guys'

He's an actor whom everyone recognizes but few actually know his name. He just seems like he's in everything, but rarely has the spotlight.

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I know and it sucks because he's very good! I just saw him in Miracle Mile. I also liked him in Trapped in Paradise.

i hope you choke on your bacardi & coke!
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I know what you mean, he along with a bigger name Lance Henriksen, Peter Greene, Michael Ironside, Ben Stein and other were all actors I always recognize in films but only now know there names.. I grew up with films from the 80's/90's so saw these guys quite a lot… usually or always bad guys.

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I always gets him confused with Zach Grenier, another "That guy" actor.

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I totally get him confused with Zach Reiner too!