Alan Davies : Lafter Hours

Lafter Hours


I've been looking at the new Alan Davies stand up dvd that is out and I keep finding this review everywhere:

AVOID. This DVD is being released against the express wishes of Alan Davies. It a cheap, shoddy, Central TV recording of a ropey gig in 1991 and is being punted out by chancers who are making a dubious claim, entirely unsubstantiated by any contract, that they have the rights to do so. Alan Davies will not benefit in any way from any sales of this DVD which is being produced with the intention of making money from the people who have bought Alan Davies DVDs in the past. Hence the font on the cover being identical to Urban Trauma. Do not buy this DVD. If you want a really funny DVD there are now three QI DVDs to choose from.

Does anyone know any more about this?

Re: Lafter Hours

Everything in that review you keep finding is true.