Ronald Colman : His album of 'A Christmas Carol'

His album of 'A Christmas Carol'

When is his famous record album of "A Christmas Carol", in which Colman plays Scrooge, going to be released on CD in the U.S.?

I saw it advertised on some Australian website, but when I clicked on it to order it, nothing happened.

If the record companies are wondering what to put on CD, let them try this, instead of recycling other CD's.

It's been done! :))

Ronald Colman's recording of "A Christmas Carol", together with Charles Laughton reading "Mr. Pickwick's Christmas", is now available on a Deustche Grammophon CD in the U.S.! It is available on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites, but apparently not at Tower Records - at least not yet.

Re: It's been done! :))

Rather late-but both are downloadable,free from the Internet Archive site

Re: It's been done! :))

Here is Ronald Colman narrating A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

Part 1

Part 2