Beverly Hills Cop III : The tone is off + not like the other ones

The tone is off + not like the other ones

Some good individual moments, and Eddie is fine, but in general this film sucks.

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This film has many problems, starting with Eddie himself.

Axel Foley seems to have completely lost his razor-sharp wit and quick responses. Remember in the first movie where he flashes his badge to pass as a customs officer in order to inspect a warehouse? Or what about when he makes up a sop-story about being a reporter from out of town in order to get a hotel room? In the second movie he passes himself as a building inspector in order to get free accommodation and then pretends to be delivering "sound seeking projectiles" in order to find out where Russell Fielding's office is. There are so many examples of this. In this movie however Axel seems disinterested - he pays the full fare to get into the park without even trying to get around it! Makes no sense.

Then there's all the missing cast members. Taggart was a terrific character and his absence in this movie is very poorly dealt with - Jon Flint is a lame character with no back-story. After all the effort that Axel goes through in the second movie to help Andrew Bogomil and have him promoted, he isn't even mentioned in this third movie! And where's the annoying cop Jeffrey? Very lazy script-writing to just omit all these characters.

Killing off Inspector Todd was a sin also - half the fun in the first two movies was seeing Axel come up with all sorts of weird and wonderful stories in order to cover his absence from Detroit. Here that's completely missing.

The script in this movie, overall, is quite lame also and has a very "slapstick" feel to it. Running a counterfeiting ring from an amusement park makes little sense. Serge's return is cringe-worthy and very unfunny. And why the hell did they "jazz-up" the legendary "Axel F" theme with annoying trumpets and disco-beats? If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

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I like the way you pinpointed that scene where Axel pays to get into the park. That little scene is representative of what's wrong with the whole movie. It's like they took some total other script and just changed a few names around.

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totally agree , this film is way off,, set mostly in an amusement park,, c mon man like serioulsy.
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