Dead Man's Gun : Anti-gun series???

Anti-gun series???

I'v seen several episodes.I could never decide if this series was anti-gun, or it was just telling people to think about the consequences whenever they pick up a gun, or get themselves in a situation. Any ideas? I aim to misbehave!

Re: Anti-gun series???

I am a lifetime member of the NRA, retired NY cop that moved out of NY to TX (now living in SC) because NY gun laws suck, and I have often wonder the same thing. Most of Hollywood actors (Kristofferson, Ice T, Richard Belzer AKA Munch etc) that play roles involving guns or copa are anti gun or cop. So my vote is anti gun.

There are a few por gun actors out there but except for Tom Selleck, Gerald McRaney , Sen Fred Thompson most keep quite about it because they fear it will cost them work. That is why I don't spend my money at the movies, I wait for a movie to come on TV to avoid giving my money to people that are out to take away my guns.

I almost forgot my favorite pro gun actor

R. Lee Ermey

List of anti

Krista Allen - Actress
Suzy Amis - Actress
Louis Anderson - Comedian
Richard Dean Anderson - Actor
Maya Angelou - Poet
David Arquette - Actor
Ed Asner - Actor
Alec Baldwin - Actor
Bob Barker - TV Personality
Carol Bayer Sager - Composer
Drew Barrymore - Actress
Kevin Bacon - Actor
Lauren Bacall - Actress*
Sarah Ban Breathnach - Writer
William Baldwin - Actor
Candice Bergen - Actress
Richard Belzer - Actor
Tony Bennett - Singer
Boys II Men - Pop Group
Jon Bon Jovi - Singer
Peter Bogdonovich - Director
Peter Bonerz - Actor
Albert Brooks - Actor
Beau Bridges - Actor
Benjamin Bratt - Actor
Bonnie Bruckheimer - Movie Producer
Christie Brinkley - Model
Dr. Joyce Brothers - Psychologist/Author
James Brolin - Actor
James Brooks - TV Producer
Mel Brooks - Actor/Director
Steven Brill - Author
Betty Buckley - Actress
Ellen Burstyn - Actress
Steve Buscemi - Actor
David Canary - Actor
Kate Capshaw - Actress
Kim Cattrall - Actress
Josh Charles - Actor
Julia Child - Author/Chef*
Robert Chartloff - Producer
Stockard Channing - Actress
Jill Clayburgh - Actress
Rosemary Clooney - Singer
Terri Clark - Singer
Jackie Cooper - Actor/Director*
Jennifer Connelly - Actress
Judy Collins - Singer
Kevin Costner - Actor
Sean Connery - Actor
Hume Cronyn - Actor*
Sheryl Crow - Singer
Walter Cronkite - Frmr News Anchor
Billy Crystal- Actor
Julie Cypher - Director
Bill D'Elia
Arlene Dahl - Actress
Clive Davis - Writer
Linda Dano - Actress
Matt Damon - Actor
Pam Dawber - Actress
Patrika Darbo - Actress
Stuart Damon - Actor
Ellen Degeneres - Actress
Gavin de Becker - Writer
Rebecca DeMornay - Actress
Danny DeVito - Actor
Michael Douglas - Actor
Phil Donahue - Frmr Talk Show Host
Richard Donner - Director
Fran Drescher - Actress
Richard Dreyfus - Actor
David Duchovny - Actor
Sandy Duncan - Actress
Christine Ebersole - Actress
Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds - Singer
Missy Elliott - Singer
Nora Ephron - Director
Gloria Estefan - Singer
Melissa Etheridge - Singer
Mia Farrow - Actress
Mike Farrell - Actor
Carrie Fisher - Actress
Sally Field - Actress
Doug Flutie - NFL player
Fannie Flagg - Actress
Jane Fonda - Actress
Rick Fox - NBA Player
Andy Garcia - Actor
Art Garfunkel - Singer
Estelle Getty - Actress
Geraldo - TV personality
Richard Gere - Actor
Kathie Lee Gifford - TV personality
Paul Glaser - TV director
Brad Gooch - Writer
Elliott Gould - Actor
Louis Gossett, Jr. - Actor
Michael Gross - Actor
Nancy Lee Grahn - Actress
Spalding Gray - Actor
Bryant Gumbel - TV Personality
Deidra Hall - Actress
Ethan Hawke - Actor
Mariette Hartley - Actress
Mark Harmon - Actor
Anne Heche - Actress
Howard Hessman - Actor
Marilu Henner - Actress
Hal Holbrook - Actor*
Whitney Houston - Singer
Helen Hunt - Actress
Grace-Lynne Ingle - Actress
John Ingle - Actor
Francesca James - TV Producer
Norman Jewison - Director
Lainie Kazan - Actress
Richard Karn - Actor
Jeffrey Katzenberg - Producer
Barry Kemp - TV Producer
David E. Kelley - TV Producer
Diane Keaton - Actress
Margaret Kemp - Interior Designer
Chaka Khan - Singer
Coreta Scott King - Activist
Kevin Kline - Actor
Michael E. Knight - Actor
Jonathan Kozol - Writer
William Kovacs - Director
Lenny Kravits - Singer
Lisa Kudrow - Actress
Wally Kurth - Actor
Christine Lahti - Actress
k.d. lang - Singer
Ricki Lake - TV personality
Denis Leary - Actor
John Leguizamo - Actor
Norman Lear - TV Producer
Spike Lee - Director
Hal Linden - Actor
Lisa Linde - Actress
Tara Lipinski - Former Olympian
Keyshawn Johnson - NFL player
Rob Lowe - Actor
Amanda Marshall - Singer
Barry Manilow - Singer
Camryn Manheim - Actress
Howie Mandel - Actor
Kyle MacLachlan - Actor
Madonna - Singer
Marla Maples - Actress
Marsha Mason - Actress*
Mase - Singer
Penny Marshall - Director
Prema Mathai-Davis - YWCA Official
John McDaniel - Musician
John McEnroe - Athlete
Brian McKnight - Musician
Ed McMahon - TV personality
Natalie Merchant - Singer
Bette Midler - Singer
Shane Minor - Musician
Mary Tyler Moore - Actress
Michael Moore - Film Maker
Norval Morris - Law Professor
Mike Myers - Actor
N Sync - music group
Kathy Najimy - Actress
Paul Newman - Actor
Jack Nicholson - Actor
Leonard Nimoy - Actor
Mike Nichols - Director
Stephen Nichols - Actor
Rosie O'Donnell - Actress/Talk Show Host
Jennifer O Neill - Actress
Julia Ormond - Actress
Jane Pauley - TV Personality
Sarah Jessica Parker - Actress
Mandy Patinkin - Actor
Richard North Patterson- Writer
Gregory Peck - Actor*
Rhea Perlman- Actress
Michelle Pfieffer - Actress
Sydney Pollack - Director
Aidan Quinn - Actor
Colin Quinn - Actor
Dennis Quaid - Actor
Elizabeth Bracco Quinn - Actress
Bonnie Raitt - Singer
Debbie Reynolds - Actress
Mary Lou Retton - Former Olympian
Paul Reiser - Actor
Peter Reckell - Actor
Rob Reiner - Actor/Director
Robert Redford - Actor/Director
Anne Rice - Writer
Cathy Rigby - Actress
Natasha Richardson - Actress
Fred Rogers - Mr. Rogers
Julia Roberts - Actress
Marc Rosen - TV Producer
Tim Robbins - Actor
Tim Roth - Actor
Renee Russo - Actress
Robin Ruzan - Wife of Mike Myers
Meg Ryan - Actress
Susan Sarandon - Actress
Jerry Seinfeld - Actor
Kyra Sedgwick - Actress
Martin Sheen - Actor
Russell Simmons - Record Producer
Neil Simon - Playwright*
Louise Sorel - Actress
Mira Sorvino - Actress
Rena Sofer - Actress
Britany Spears - Singer
Bruce Springsteen - Singer
Kevin Spirtas - Actor
Barbra Streisand - Singer
David Steinberg - Director
Sylvester Stallone - Actor
Harry Dean Stanton - Actor
Meryl Streep - Actress
Patrick Stewart - Actor
Sharon Stone - Actress
Sting - Singer
Trudie Styler - Actress
Jonathan Taylor Thomas - Actor
The Temptations - Pop Group
Vinny Testaverde - NFL player
Marlo Thomas - Actress*
Uma Thurman - Actress
Steve Tisch - Producer
Mike Torrez - Former Baseball player
Shania Twain - Singer
Dick Van Dyke - Actor
Eli Wallach - Actor*
Ruth Warrick - Actress
Harvey Weinstein - Producer
Jann Wenner - Publisher
Sigourney Weaver - Actress
Victor Webster - Actor
James Whitmore - Actor*
Andy Williams - Singer*
Henry Winkler - Actor
Oprah Winfrey - Entertainer
Richard Widmark - Actor
Rita Wilson - Actress
Vanessa Williams - Singer
Herman Wouk - Author
Joanne Woodward - Actress*
Peter Yarrow - Singer
Catherine Zeta-Jones - Actress
Ahmet Zappa -Actor
Diva Zappa -Actress
Dweezil Zappa - Musician
Gail Zappa -
Moon Zappa -Actress

Re: Anti-gun series???

Notes missing from the above list:

* Denotes membership on HCI's National Committee HCI is Handgun Control International, the group behind the Brady Campaign (

It should be noted that everyone else on the list has publicly spoken out for gun legislation of some kind, but the list does not distinguish to what extent.

Personally I am in favour of limited gun regulation, but not none. I think anyone should be able to buy a semi-auto rifle of any type with out registration, but that there should be registration of handguns, and a brief waiting period to buy them. This is mostly so that criminals, and troubled people cannot just go pick up a handgun on a whim.

I also think that that it should be easier for law-abiding citizens to get other types of weapons (fully-automatic etc.) although still well regulated.

Re: Anti-gun series???

It's a pretty broad list and I agree that calling for gun regulation is very different from calling for a ban on all guns. It's like saying that health and safety laws are anti- whatever industry they're applying too. I'd also be curious which of those celebrities are simply opposed to guns for themselves or simply don't like guns. Personally, I never want to own a gun, nor do I want one in my house but that's different from calling for a banning of guns as well.

Anyway, that's a huge digression from the original question. I'd argue the series is neither pro or anti gun. The gun is a plot device that is significant due to what it can do and how it can be used and that's up to the decisions and personality of the person using it.

Mostly, yes

While it was overall a pretty good series, I felt it was definitely holding a "message" for the audience, and it was pretty much "Guns are Bad," period.

Hardly surprising, coming from Hollywood, where the lack of education and common sense seems to be no obstacle to them running their mouths about things they don't even understand.

Re: Mostly, yes

I guess I didn't get the memo about this being a 'gun-message' series. I simply enjoyed the shows as entertaining stories set in the Old West, about a cursed revolver with a 'twist' at the end of each show a la "Twilight Zone" style.

Re: Anti-gun series???

Why does that matter? It's a good show, anti-gun or not.

If at all it is "guns in the hands of the wrong people cause trouble". It's always the bad qualities in the people who come to posess the gun that bring them down. As for the gun itself, it's simply a (bad) luck enhancer. The revolver is like a powerful gadget that gives the holders more power than they can handle, for that matter it could be replaced by anything that increases a man's power.

I rather believe they chose a revolver because it is THE symbol of the Old West, and not because they wanted to make a point that gun's are bad. If that show was set in today's time they would have chosen a computer with an articial intelligence at your command that let's you do all kinds of computer hacks.

No, it's really short sighted to see it simply as an anti-gun show. If someone who's for stricter gun control likes this show because he or she thinks it's anti-gun, well they miss the point. It's really about the bad decisions people make in their lives, and every episode deals with a slightly different kind of self-imposed misfortune. Really, if that's all you can see in this show, that its message is that simplistic, then you totally miss the morale of the stories. The gun is nothing more than a plot device, it's never the gun's fault, actually those people who don't abuse its power til the end benefit from their encounter with it.

But on the other hand, one thing is made clear throughout. The gun is corrupting the people. But it's always pointed out that "that" gun is evil, in contrast to normal guns in the show, which are just guns. There are dozens of occasions when someone chooses a regular gun over the dead man's gun, because he senses it is cursed. Again that particular gun is a symbol for power and corruption, not the other way around.

Re: Anti-gun series???

Of course it is anti-gun. Coming from Hollywood AND Henry Winkler.just subtle in some ways.

Remember that guns like cars or hammers are inanimate and only who is in control of the item, decides whether the use will be for good or evil.

Most of the single episodes of this 'show' do not show an overt bias, but combining several of them, it is overtly obvious what the show is trying to convey.

the current resident of Our White House has a liberal socialist agenda which is Killing Our Country

Re: Anti-gun series???

For an anti-gun series there are a lot of gun fights in it.

But I've wondered if people would consider it being anti-gun. And even before seeing this thread I came to the conclusion some most certainly would considering the high tensions regarding this political question. Some see enemies in every shadow.

I don't really care. I'm fascinated by the show. It's actually not really about the gun itself, but about the sins their many owners are committing. It's overtly emphasized that this gun is special, one of a kind, magic. Singling it out implies that the rest of the guns are just ordinary guns. That's hardly an argument that's telling us all guns are evil. No, just this one gun is evil.

If anything it shows that a gun in the wrong hands is bad news kind of what the NRA has been using as a last resort argument for ages.

But I don't even think that's what this series is about. The gun is only a MacGuffin, a plot device so we know which character's in for a bad twist of fate. It's an anthology series after all, there's only 45 minutes each episode to tell a story with a twist. So there must be some kind of plot device that helps with that. For a series set in the old west a revolver seems like the obvious choice to me.

EDIT: Hah, oh wow. I just saw that I've replied to this thread before. Basically saying the same thing over again.

Re: Anti-gun series???

I think it was as fair minded as one could expect

I picked up 'The Best of Season 1" on DVD and One of said best was the Henry Winkler episode The Imposter, which to my recollection, was one of the rare episodes in which the Protagonist survived it was also one of the rare episodes (if I remember correctly) in which said Protagonist, didn't let the Gun's power go to his head

The classic Western 'Shane' has a line to the effect of "A gun is only as dangerous as the person holding it."

I think a case could be made that this is the general stance of the series.