Dead Man's Gun : Michael Moriarty's Episode

Michael Moriarty's Episode

of this series was the best I've yet seen and i have seen many of these compact stories. So many of the chapters just lay there with flat, dull scripts and don't care acting, but "The Bounty Hunter" Moriarty plays is heads above most of the rest.

Let it be unsaid: insignificance is the locus of true increpation.

Re: Michael Moriarty's Episode

I agree. This is by far one of the best one's I have seen.

Re: Michael Moriarty's Episode

I disagree.

I'm watching this episode right now, and think Kate Jackson's character placed the bounty on the wrong man.

The sheriff is the root cause of all the problems. He's oblivious to the 2 men with the price on their head that the bounty hunter killed. Then he's all nice about asking Kate Jackson's character to remove her bounty on Michael's character. He's too much about keeping the peace instead of enforcing the law.

Except for the scene in the cemetery, I was disappointed with this episode.