Angels of the Universe : What did they do to the horse?

What did they do to the horse?

You cannot fake that kind of behaviour. Maybe the horse had already a medical condition similar to "mad cow disease", but then again it wouldn't be possible for the horse to gallop joyfully beforehand. So the most logical conclusion is: They drugged the horse!

Re: What did they do to the horse?

Good topic. It's a memorable image, but I can't help being disturbed at the thought that the horse may have been seriously injured because I don't know if Iceland has the same animal cruelty laws we have in USA/UK/etc. A good rule of thumb is when a horse falls to the side, the horse is usually trained, but any falls straight forward are trip wires and sometimes deadly. That said, I'm not sure how drugging horses works, but it's been done before. In "Kagemusha" by Kurosawa, there's a scene where an army of horses gets mowed down by a Gatlin gun, and he achieved this by drugging the horses according to the commentary. So my guess is that's how it was done here.