Requiem for a Dream : Recommend me some powerful movies

Recommend me some powerful movies

Stuff like Requiem, Fight Club, Clockwork Orange, American Psycho, Taxi Driver, The Grey, doesn't have to be disturbing, but I'm looking for movies that stay with you for a long time, whether in a good or bad way, can possibly be inspiring, or make you look at life from new perspectives. I just really enjoy movies that have a lot power and passion behind them instead of generic cash grabs. It can be gang movies, wilderness survival movies, psychopath movies, prison movies, just something powerful. It can also be something that just has really good action scenes like Mad Max or The Raid. I want to watch movies that wow me. I know that's pretty broad but just recommend some other movies that you love if you loved Requiem.

Re: Recommend me some powerful movies

Some for me are Funny Games, Dogtooth, Let the Right One In, and Watership Down.

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Re: Recommend me some powerful movies

Try another of Darren Aronofsky's films, The Fountain

Re: Recommend me some powerful movies

Amores Perros
21 Grams
The Butterfly Effect
The Jacket
Vanilla Sky (U.S. remake of "Abre Los Ojos"/Open Your Eyes)
GATTACA (this is futuristic drama, but left me with some good lessons)