Harvey Keitel : Mark Kermode's Harvey Keitel story

Mark Kermode's Harvey Keitel story

Does anyone know it?

Re: Mark Kermode's Harvey Keitel story

It's a ludicrous piece of in5b4ternet urban legend hogwash.

Back in late 1996, Keitel was cast as a co-star to Tom and Nicole in Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut". Filming began in early 1997. Then, in March '97, Keitel was suddenly off the project, in mid production, with seemingly no explanation at all. Tom Cruise's friend, actor/director Sydney Pollack, replaced Keitel, and appeared in the final film. The production droned on for another year and a half.

Cut to 1999. There were dozens of rumours and unsubstantiated stories all over the net about the ultra secretive production. Some claimed the film contained actual pornography of the Cruises, some said sex experts stood bedside and "directed" the Cruises on how to have sex, some said Cruise dressed in drag in the film, and so on. But, the wildest one of all surfaced on the net in early '99, when the film was in post-production.

It claimed that Harvey Keitel had filmed a sex scene with Nicole Kidman, and that he stood behind her, totally naked on set, and masturbated over her on camera. Then, he simply continued, and ejaculated his semen all over her hair and back. Horrified, she ran screaming off the set. Cruise demanded that Kubrick fire Keitel, and Kubrick did. That's why Keitel left.

This, of course, is pure BS nonsense. Only an idiot would believe it.

Kubrick died shortly after finishing the film. This rumour went around for months on the net, ev1c84en on legit news websites! Kidman was finally asked about it later that year, and of course said it was nonsense.

Keitel remained surprisingly quiet about this until a Premiere magazine interview in Feb. '05, when he was finally asked directly about it. He said, "Nonsense. Utter nonsense. The only reason I left was because they were taking a very long time to shoot, and they wanted me to wait around for a long time and not get paid. And I just couldn't do it."

Now, the official story is just that. Keitel felt it was taking too long, and quit. They replaced him, and did some reshoots. That's it.

However, to this day, that ugly, silly rumour will STILL occassionally pop up, and somebody, somewhere will fall for it. And they'll say, "You're NOT gonna believe this!"

Kermode is the latest victim.