Still Star-Crossed : I dislike the name

I dislike the name

Not very catchy for a title of a show, and tries too hard to play on the "star-crossed" of the Romeo and Juliet. Could be great, but I'' always wary of shows that have uninspired names, because they usually end up being uninspired themselves.

Ok I guess it seems borderline trolly how I said it, I just don't like the name. I guess they went with something to liken it to Romeo and Juliet, but threw the word "still" in front to let people know that it's a continuation of sorts? It still seems like it's a bit much though.

Re: I dislike the name

It's clunky.

Whatever you are, be a good one.

Re: I dislike the name

Torrance Coombs said it will be changed. He just doesn't know what yet. When it will be on is anybody's guess. I prefer him to be on REIGN but now that isn't possible.