Anna and the King : beach scene?

beach scene?

right before the king startled anna, what was she gonna do on the beach by lifting her dress up? always wondered about that

Re: beach scene?

I always thought she was going to do a bit of wading and was trying to minimize getting her dress wet.

"I'm not reckless . . . I'm skillful!"


In the audio commentary the director explained, that in this scene Anna was supposed to be skinny-dipping at night on a deserted beach and after she comes out of the water, she runs into the king - and Jodie Foster was game to do it (of course the camera would not show us the delicate parts of her lovely body). In Thailand it would have been no problem, but as the filmmakers learned, that in fundamentalist Malaysia you get punished up to 3 years in jail just for coming out of the water without clothes, sadly they droped the scene and changed it to the tiny allusion where Anna just lifts her nightgown a bit, to go into in the water.

The scene was supposed to illustrate Anna's need for a refreshment for her mind and body and an escape (at least at night) from all the rigorous restrictions at the royal court.