Books : N of the Narcissus by Joseph Conrad

N of the Narcissus by Joseph Conrad

pretty good so far. liked the cinematic description of the ship and the sea during a storm. reading this might have inspired many filmakers and special effects people. it is almost horrifying, much like CONRAD's description of the jungle in HEART OF DARKNESS. JIM WAIT is introduced as this really towering character. i would like to read some essay about his introduction scene.

the interactions between the sailors reminded me of THE HAIRY APE (published 25 years after N OF THE NARCISSUS), which i read a few years ago.

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Re: N of the Narcissus by Joseph Conrad

I quite enjoyed it. It was not what I expected. It's wonderfully psychological, as the best of Conrad is, but in a completely different way than I had expected.

And of course the seagoing stuff is ace, as it always is with Conrad.

After that I checked out Nostromo, which I didn't like, and stopped early on. Totally different ballgame. (Note: I've read a lot of Conrad; just hadn't looked into that one yet.)