Emmerdale Farm : POLLARD.


As despicable as his conduct was not so long ago, I miss the old Pollard. It doesn't feel correct, him playing Mr Nice Guy. It lacks dimension. He should get back to being a horrid bleeder and a cantankerous little cave-dweller. He was much more fun like that.

He nearly crapped his pants when facinorous Frank thought he had sung to the cops and got threatening with him. The Pollard of a year ago wouldn't have stood for that and would have cracked Frank with the business end of the cricket bat.

There was a glimmer of old Pollard when he warned Frank not to mess Tracy around but it was a less than convincing caution. Now that Divvy David has landed himself in yet another soon-to-be maliferous marriage, maybe Pollard will find preoccupation elsewhere in the village, preferably starting with putting Bob's head in the cafe's toilet bowl.


I like Pollard with some good relationships in the village, especially with David, Tracy, Diane and Sam (though the writers seem to have forgot about their friendship). I still think he can be a bad at times and I enjoy the variety of the character (and the great actor Chris Chittell).