Highlander : First time seeing it, mine/your thoughts?

First time seeing it, mine/your thoughts?

So I finally watched it after hearing quite a few sitcoms referring to it here and there and I thought it waswell it's hard to put into words. The story isn't that great and some scenes feel very cheap but then again they're also beautiful and the story is crazy no matter what. Never has a film started off as awesomely as this one, Queen's song just blows you away. I couldn't imagine being a kid and hearing that song crank up as soon as the lights dimmed.

The shots are really well done, very artistic and engaging. I think I've only really noticed something like that with a few films like "evil dead" and "brazil". It really pulls you in. The action was great but some of it was just so over the top cheesy that it made me cringe. For example the guy doing flips through the parking garage inbetween sword fighting for his life. I mean it's an 80's film but what were they thinking with some of the stuff they left in this?! The leads were great, Clancy Brown just completely owned that character. Christopher Lambert was great for his role as well. He just has that anti-hero, good guy but will go through hell if need be faces or something too.

It wasn't an all around great movie but it definitely has some greatness in it. I thought the ending was good, but I never expected them to completely end it like that. I think they should have left it more open for sure. It was too "happily ever after, the end". Sort of a bummer because there could have been some good sequels and it looks like that didn't happen.

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Sequels there were, good they were not.

I LOVE the first movie. So well done. Yes, it had cheesy moments, but then again, it's an 80s flick, so that's to be expected. The acting was good for the most part - particularly Brown and Lambert. As you mentioned, there was some beautiful cinematography (the montage where Ramirez is training Connor was probably my favorite).

Personally I didn't care incredibly much for the ending. As you said, it was too happily ever after. Of course I HATED Brenda, so that might be another reason for my dislike there.

In any case, glad you enjoyed it!

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I was about 9 or 10 when my uncle popped his vhs of highlander in for my twin brother and I. He showed us two all the great movies(T2, the Universal Monster movies, Evil Dead movies, Robocop, Predator etc.) and would just leave the room and let us watch em ourselves.

Anywho, I loved this movie then and I still think it's great now. I think it's the kind of movie that if it was made today, it would suck. If it was made today it would be bogged down by CGI and a heavy focus on plot over characters. I love that this movie is slower than your typical action film and the camera has these great tracking wide shots when the action comes.

The ending is very "happy" but it's bittersweet since Connar has lived a long life of fighting and hiding. I remember watching Highlander 2: The Quickening a few years later after revisiting this gem. Man was I so letdown. Never saw the "Renegade Version" so I Ordered the bluray. Supposedly it is a better but still not so good sequel.

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Just finished watching this movie for the first time after a friend's recommendation. It was great! Not sure why this film has a 7.2 IMDB rating. Feels like it should have a 7.5 rating. At any rate, I give the film an 8/10.

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FYI, you can't really judge the Highlander franchise until you've watched the TV Series. Highlander 1986 is definitely the best feature film, but most people agree that the TV series is really where it's at, and where the franchise really "found itself."

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Agree. When I was a kid, it was the TV Series that first introduced me to Highlander.

Anyone new to the series, my advice would be watch Highlander the movie first, then watch the TV Series.

As a big fan, I am watching all the other Highlander movies, they're ok to not that great, but I feel I need to at least look at them.

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Sooo many more films are beautifully shot. Not just evil dead and brazil. But yea. This was niceley shot. Everything else you said is pretty on the money. Great film. I almost feel like it is a parody of 80s films it is so 80s. Love the conan the barbarian mixed with teeminator vibe. Cant believe i hadnever watched highlander until this week. will watch it for a second time tonight.