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Blu-Ray release

Has there been a good release yet? It came out here in Germany a couple of years ago, but it got terrible reviews because the transfer supposedly sucks.

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I just finished watching the Immortal Edition (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Highlander-Special-Blu-ray-Christopher-Lambert /dp/B002GDM2UA) and the transfer ranged from great to poor. There were scenes where it looked sharp and the colours were clear but then there were scenes where it was incredibly grainy and others yet where it looked like a transfer from VHS (though that was sort of because of the special effects).

Overall though it's significantly better than the DVD I used to own.

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Highlander is a grainy film. Due to the various film stocks used and the varied light conditions some scenes are grainier than others. I have a British Blu-ray, which includes the original sound in PCM stereo. The image on that Blu-ray is astounding. It cannot possibly look any better.

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If you think some of the DVD prints look bad, try watching this on VHS. I found a copy several years ago at a thrift store and it looked like a snuff film.

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the optimum bluray release is what i would consider the best release. the documentary is missing some parts, but other than that its the closest thing to a bonus filled release.

the transfer is as good as it can possibly get with this film. the picture quality is what it is because of how it was filmed.

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Is there a Blu-ray release that has the original theatrical cut?

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Nope, all current releases are the European Director's Cut. Every version is the exact same encode too.

There's a 30th Anniversary edition coming out in the UK in two months, whether it has any of the other cuts remains to be seen. There's about five different versions of Highlander - US theatrical, US DC, European theatrical, European DC, French theatrical it's all a bit confusing.

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The US DC and the European theatrical are just about the same. The footage is the same in both but the US DC had some audio remixing (adding the buzz sound more closely related to the TV series and dropping some lines of dialogue in Connor's underwater scene and the Quickening line Ramirez shouts before he and Connor jump off a cliff into the water below).

Also, there is no European DC, it has always been the European theatrical cut.

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I just started taking a look at the 30th anniversary disc tonight. The dialogue is a second or two out of sync with the picture. I'm trying to find out if I've got a duff review disc or whether it's like that :(

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