Horror : Going to miss this place a lot

Going to miss this place a lot

Been on here since January 2000. Seems crazy that the best feature of this site is being taken away from us and so out of the blue. No other site will be able to fully replace what I got from this site for the last 17+ years. I guess we all took for granted that the message boards on this site were a place we could come and escape to whenever we wanted to, but shockingly and sadly, that will be
no more. Almost like someone very close to you going away. You could never check in with them again. That may sound extreme, but that is exactly what this site meant to me (not just the horror board, but all the boards I visited) and I'm sure to many of you too. Hopefully one day the boards will come back again after Amazon/IMDB sees the massive decline in traffic to the site.

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It is sad. Most times I get a new horror movie, I post about it on here, check reviews, here pros and cons versus the movie. I feel like every buying or streaming decision somehow related to the community on the IMDB horror boards.

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Re: Going to miss this place a lot

Yeah it sucks bigtime. You joined up to thehorrorboard.com or trashepics.com?