The Wire : Season 4

Season 4

One of my favorite things about The Wire's fourth season is the subplot to the entire season I like to call, "The Brotherhood of the Traveling Bling"


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Are you speaking about the diamond ring?

Trying to remember how that got passed around

I think Old Face Andre had it first
Marlo took it off him
Omar took it off Marlo at the poker game
That dirty cop took it off Omar
Michael took it off the dirty cop (cant remember his name)

Was Michael the last person to have it?

I remember Marlo asking him about it and Michael offered it to him, but Marlo said he could keep it.

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Re: Season 4

Re: Season 4

Michael took it off the dirty cop (cant remember his name)

Walker Eddie

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lol what the hell happened to that guy?

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Reminds me of the 'traveling surveillance van' that was stolen from the southeast police district. Stolen by Frank Sobatka and the other stevedores and sent around the world, one port picture after another. All sent to Valchek in response to his focused harassment.

Watching the ring switch hands was fun. I don't think anyone offered to give it up except Michael. Cool way to connect the street characters.