The Simple Life : season 1 DVD

season 1 DVD

I am thinking about getting the DVDs of this show (at least seasons 1-3 as seasons 4 and 5 were horrible), but I was wondering something about season 1 before I actually purchase it. Is the reunion show included or is it just the episodes and "the lost episode"?

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The reunion episode isn't on it.

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The lost episode isn't part of the set either, its included on the DVD for the second season.

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It depends!
The lost episode and the reunion show are not included on US DVD,
but they are on the UK DVD and on the German DVD of the series. The german box is identical with the british box with optional dubbing, you can get them at amazon. Of course your player needs to be region-free or play region 2 discs.

So get your "Anal Salty Wiener Buger" and do not buy it at Wal-Mart,
because they sell only wall stuff!