Dallas : Miss Ellie quandry

Miss Ellie quandry

On several occasions, Ellie left the ranch because she couldn't stand the fighting, at the end she left Southfork for good for that very reason, according to Clayton. Yet she insisted that JR and Bobby live there. If she hated their fighting, she should have stayed and had them leave since it was her ranch. I never bought the idea that she would leave her beloved Southfork forever to live in Europe

Re: Miss Ellie quandry

I hated the writing for Ellie in later seasons. We had seen her stand up to the Cartel on more than one occasion and I agree she would never leave Southfork not seeing how much it meant to her.

I had always felt that they should have had her be like Victoria Barkley and not have her remarry (I agreed with JR Clayton was an outsider).

If Barbara Bell Geddes did not wish to remain on the show, they could have just killed off Ellie (which could have been done in the series finale)