Dallas : The Cartel?

The Cartel?

Why did J.R.'s business partners refer to themselves as "The Cartel"? They were not a cartel like OPEC or the drug cartel. Even as a group, they were not in a position to set product prices. They were a group of independents, not even the largest firms in their industry. Why not association, the consortium, or the co-operative? Why The Cartel?

Re: The Cartel?

Because that's the name their Daddies came up with when they formed the group back in the day.

Re: The Cartel?

Not sure but it sure was a cool name. And if you were a regular viewer, you knew exactly who they were talking about when you heard them say it.

and I enjoyed the antics of Jordan Lee, Marilee Stone, Andy Bradley, and even the rarely seen Wade Luce. They provided plenty of story for a long time.

Re: The Cartel?

It's a great name. I loved scenes with all the Cartel members.