Dallas : As a new comer

As a new comer

Okay so as a 25 year old Brit I've recently fell in love with what came out of America in the 60s 70s and 80s.
I've seen the mission:impossible series, the Columbo's, just about every sitcom, M A.S.H. The list goes on.
Now I'm looking for something different.
I've heard a lot of good things about this show. Even the negatives (out of date views,fashion, music etc) appeal to me personally. So just before I dig in I figured I'd ask the question here.

Is it any good?

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Yes, very good. Dallas was representative of the 80s Decade of Greed her in the U.S. It's a soap, but has very compelling characters, most notably J.R., who lied, cheated, blackmailed, schemed to get what he wants. It starts as Romeo & Juliet in Texas with the son of the powerful and rich Ewing family marrying the daughter of their archenemy from the poor Barnes family. (The patriarchs Jock and Digger were partners 40 years prior during the Great Depression but had a following out and that feud has spilled over into the next generation). The series last 14 seasons, but the early seasons were the best.

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Yes, I'm younger than you and I very much enjoy it It takes a little while to get into as the the first couple of seasons (well, mini series and season 1, but the dvd says 1 and 2) are stand alone episodes of hit and miss quality, but once it becomes serialised (season 3), it's really quite addictive.

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It's not good, it's grrrrrreat!