The Mystery of Natalie Wood : Where was it filmed?

Where was it filmed?

My curiousity is stimulated by the fact that so many Australians are cast in it.

Re: Where was it filmed?

On this very site, under Filming Locations, it says Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.


Re: Where was it filmed?

It was Filmed at FOX Studios in Sydney.

Re: Where was it filmed?

I watched some of the actual filming at La Perouse(Botany Bay Sydney). The drowning scene was filmed at night and my cruiser was moored in the background. The entire beach was a scene of activity all night culminating with Natalie falling off a pontoon into the hands of two props who caught her in an inflatable boat. Speed boats were used to generate the waves which caused her to fall. My miniature poodle enjoyed the mini pizzas handed out to film crew during the evening.