The Mystery of Natalie Wood : the atress who made marilyn was AWFUL

the atress who made marilyn was AWFUL

Who casted her?WAS ORRIBLE AND ORRIBLY DIFFERENT!not to talk about Christopher Walken.
anyway I wish they had put some scene from the real funeral at the end of the movie,it all turns around her problems and that's so sad because when she's not portraited as a paranoid,she is as a whore!What about some friends?Some funnny moments?Some on-set scenes?

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Name one actress who has portrayed Marilyn Monore to even come close to the real thing. Its impossible, no one can match her look, her voice, her escense, her! The best poeple can do is try. I agree that Sophie Monk was not the best choice, but hey, who is?

The Christopher Walken impersonator was a bit exaggerated. Imagine if they had the real Chris in this moviethat would be interesting, but unrealistic at the same time!

They did put some real clips of her funeral at the beginning of the movie, I think it ended well; showing Natalie's life from end to beginning. There were some behind the scenes re-inacments such as Natalie with James Dean and Sal Mineo, its hard to really know what happened on sets 25 years ago.

I do think they put too much emphasis on Natalie's problems, but i guess the movie wouldn't be as interesting if it only concentrated on the good times. Natalie was with alot of men, but i beleive it was just her trying to be loved, I think thats all she ever wanted, to be loved and have a family. The fame part was an extra struggle.

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"Name one actress who has portrayed Marilyn Monore to even come close to the real thing."

I don't know about coming close to the real thing - I think a portrayal of anyone in a movie or other is just that - a portayal. I do think Poppy Montgomery did a VERY GOOD JOB of portraying Marilyn in the mini-series "Blonde".

I also think it would be hard to say what a celebrity from that era (or even before the 1980s) was really like because part of their allure was the mystery that surrounded them. They didn't do ENDLESS promotions for their movies in every corner of the globe. The media and the 'fans' did not demand their opinion publicly on every happenening in the world, as they do these days. They were far more mysterious and exciting than 'stars' are these days - precisely because people didn't know what they were like when they were just being themselves. You can't avoid famous peoples' personalities these days because cameras are constantly following them and they are constantly being interviewed so they don't really have a chance to keep themselves to themselves.if you know what I mean?

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I think the only reason Sophie Monk was given the role was because at a theme park in Australia she use to play Marilyn Monroe.

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I though the Marlyn persaion was awful. but the rest of them were increduable.
I could have really though that it was a young Warren Beatty and Sal Menio.The casting was increduable. It is weard i can't remember what Rober Wagner looked like back then. I like that they used real live friends.
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I second the opinion on Poppy Montgomery's role as Marilyn, she nailed it. The "Norma Jean and Me" movie with Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino was interesting also.

But yes, it's harder to really capture this person in a way we can believe it simply because they're that much more mysterious to us.

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I thought the actress playing Marilyn (in 'The Mystery Of Natalie Wood') was dreadful! She was just doing a Marilyn impression - even down to the breathy, high pitched voice! Marilyn didn't speak in that exaggerated way in real-life and she certainly wouldn't have spoken that way when talking to Natalie in a social context!

Some performances in the movie were good, but others were dire! I thought the portrayal of RJ was appalling, and I don't blame Michael Weatherly (the actor playing RJ) for that. He had to work with a script that portrayed RJ as a lazy, stupid, spoilt playboy - which was about as far from the truth as you could get! There was no suggestion of his charm, intelligence or wicked sense of humour, all of which come through in his work, interviews with him, and accounts of him by other people (including Natalie herself)!


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Oh my God, joandchloe, your endless apologia for the divine RJ! Can he walk on water? Maybe he should have played Christ in "King of Kings", instead of Jeffrey Hunter, who was a far better actor. Jeff was, parenthetically, also much better looking than Wagner.

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I thought Michael Weatherly was ok. He is awfully nice to look at too.hehe.gif


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I actually thought she was pretty ok. It was just a bit part and she just had to make the most of her screentime so she camped it up.

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Catherine Hicks played MM in MARILYN: THE UNTOLD STORY. She was brilliant and the movie was very good.

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I was thinking that same thing as I was reading this thread and then got to your post. I just watched some clips from it the other day and Catherine did do a good job.