Theater Awards : LITERARY OSCARS - IMDb Board Poll for Best Books of All-Time

LITERARY OSCARS - IMDb Board Poll for Best Books of All-Time

Vote for your ranked Top 5 (or less if less apply to you) for each of the following categories. Nominees based on these results will be posted at a date TBD.

If you don't want to vote for a certain category, just write NA. If a category doesn't get any love, it may be eliminated. Likewise, if you feel like a left out a category, you can give a book an honorary award - state what it's for. If it gets enough love, it will get a special award.

Please only vote for book series in the Book Series category - otherwise, pick a specific book from the series (if it's too close to call, I generally go for the original, but that's just me).

Books can be eligible in different categories (i.e. The Hunger Games would be eligible for Contemporary Novel, Young Adult, Dystopia, as well as Author and the Character Awards, and perhaps Honorary Award).

I'm also posting this in a few other boards, but don't vote more than once! PM me your vote - and take your time, this will be open for at least a week or so.

Best Author

Best Playwright/Screenwriter

Best Poet

Best Philosophical Writer

Best Graphic Novel/Comic Book

Best Play

Best Screenplay

Best Poem

Best Contemporary Novel (2000 - present)

Best Novel - 20th Century

Best Novel - Pre-20th Century

Best Novella

Best Short Story

Best Book Series

Best Children's Book/Picture Book

Best Young Adult Book

Best Non-Fiction Book

Best Romance

Best Mystery

Best Dystopia

Best Biblical Story

Best Fable/Fairy Tale

Best Protagonist

Best Antagonist

Best Supporting Character

Best Quote (10 words or less)

Honorary Award

Vote away! Please comment with your FYCs and any questions to keep this topic bumped!

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